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Meet Accounting Professionals Jesse and Karen Braswell

This picture show us, Jesse and Karen, at the start of our honeymoon back in 2004, and we are still on it! There are two reasons to show you that picture.  One is that we are co-owners of Accounting for Profits.  The second is that we are both down to earth people just like you.  Together we have over 60 years of experience in the real business world, not just sitting behind a desk in a CPA office.  If you are looking for professionals, knowledgeable in all aspects of business, here we are.  If you are looking for a coat and tie, pomp and circumstance, better keep on looking because that is definitely not us.

Karen worked for Quality Furniture in Lenoir, NC for over 30 years before that company closed in 2009.  She performed many important duties over the years for Quality, including all of the accounting functions for the business.  

Jesse has an accounting degree from Auburn University, and a MBA from Charleston Southern University. He has worked as either the CFO or Controller for several companies. 

Our goal at Accounting for Profits is to use the expertise to help our clients prosper their companies.  We want to help you to grow your profits, increase your cash in the bank, and help you to pay less in taxes.  Best of all, we do all of this at a price that is more than competitive in the industry.  Our service will put more money into your bank, not take it out.

We have attached our individual resumes because we feel as if we are interviewing to work  for you, and you need to know our capabilities and accomplishments.  Please give us the opportunity to help you achieve success. 

Remember our initial meeting is free, confidential, and without obligation to you.


Jesse and Karen