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Small Business Accounting and Bookkeeping

A properly designed and accurately maintained accounting system is the backbone for making good financial decisions. However, a poorly designed or badly kept set of books will by definition promote uninformed business moves. In today's economic climate, a businessman can not afford to make even the smallest of mistakes. We can help you have the correct picture of your financial situation, giving you the right tools to guide your company through the minefields of our modern business world.

Our small business accounting and bookkeeping service is flexible in both function and price.  The standard package of services is listed below.  We will help you design the package to meet your specific needs and budget.  Every month, or every quarter, depending on the package selected, we will do the following.

  • Maintain the chart of accounts for reporting and tax purposes.
  • Record sales, receipts, checks, charges and other transactions.
  • Reconcile bank checking and credit card accounts.
  • Make adjusting and correcting entries to the general ledger.
  • Generate an income statement.
  • Generate a balance sheet.
  • File sales tax returns.
  • File business personal property tax returns.
  • Provide consultations by phone and/or in person.

These are basic services and as such achieve the most basic of charges.  Our desire is set a monthly price for these services that does not change during the year.  This way you know in advance what your monthly expense and outgoing cash flow will be.  Although we would never want to structure this as an hourly bill, the charge is certainly based on the perceived amount of time that the job will require.  For this service, we would estimate the time based on the average number of transactions your business creates for a month.

For illustration purposes, the following table approximates the cost of this service based on an assumed average monthly transactions (checks, sales invoices, etc.). 

    Assumed         Estimated
     Average   Monthly
Transactions          Expense
    50    $100
150    $180
250    $310
350    $400
450    $490

The monthly charge would stay constant for the year, and only be adjusted up or down if there was some major change in the volume of work.  All full year customers receive a 50% discount on their income tax preparation fee.

Let us help you!  Remember our initial visit is confidential and free.  We will come to your office at a time that works for you.