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Business Analysis, Consulting, Part-time CFO and Controller Services

The Business Consulting Service, which includes CFO / Controller service, is ideal for small businesses who need this timely and valuable advice, but can not afford to have a person with that type of skill and knowledge on staff. The thing is, with our service, you DO have that person on staff when you need them.

"He who fails to plan, plans to fail." The Business Plan is one of the most important documents in the life of every business. Unfortunately, it is many times left undone except for the portions of it that exist in the owner's mind. Most banks will not loan a startup company any money without a complete business plan. The business plan would include the following elements and more:

  • Complete business description including name and type of ownership
  • Products and/or services to be offered
  • Marketing Plan that shows to whom and how you will sell your offerings
  • Competitor analysis that show who they are and your advantages and disadvantages with them
  • Operational plan showing how these things will be accomplished
  • Management and organizational structure
  • Financial statements
  • Startup expenses and capitalization plans
  • A complete financial plan

Included in the financial plan is a budget and a cash flow. Understanding these two key elements, along with proper capitalization, is the difference between success and failure for most new businesses. An under capitalized company will fail. A company, even a profitable one, can fail without proper cash flow.  Following a budget and a cash flow plan, along with the proper amount of capitalization, gives a business the best footing for success.

We offer the following as part of our Business Consulting Service:

  • Business Plans 
  • Budgets 
  • Cash Flow Modeling
  • Business Analysis
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Presentation
  • Loan Documentation and Presentation
  • Computer Hardware and Software - Design, Purchase, and Implementation
  • Phone and Voice Mail Systems - Design, Purchase, and Implementation

All consulting hours are billed at $60 per hour in 1/3 hour increments after the first hour.  Preplanned and purchased blocks of time of 4 hours or more are billed at $50 per hour.  All of our full time Accounting Service customers have a small portion of this time built into their packages.